Friday, December 19, 2008

Book donations

We are grateful for everyone who has continued to donate their gently used children's books. Beau, Amy, Jorie and Bentz recently picked up some donated books from a library in Hong Kong for the distribution in Port Barton.

Sharing the events here is a great way to show your kids how even their small donations can have a great impact on kids their age across the world.

January 2009 Distribution

Happy Holidays! It's near the end of 2008 and we have fond memories of our time spent 12 months ago in Guiuan in the Philippines. Thanks to your many donations, we were able to provide many children with much needed school supplies to help them take advantage of educational opportunities.

This year, Help One Future is planning a distribution on the island of Palawan in the western Philippines. In particular, we are focusing on a small town called Port Barton on the northern coast of Palawan.

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There is one elementary school and one high school in Port Barton. It is located about a three hour drive away from Puerto Princessa, the main city of Palawan. We have spoken with the principal of the elementary school in Port Barton about how best to aid the approximately 400 students and other children in the area. The younger children are particularly lacking in supplies. The town also has no library, and only a few donated books stored in the principals office.

We are collecting used children's books once again in Hong Kong to send over. We are also actively seeking your donations to assist in obtaining school supplies for the children of Port Barton. Bear in mind that any donation is helpful. Even a few dollars can purchase pencils, crayons, and paper that students would otherwise not have for their use. In these economic times, many people around the world are tightening their belts and cutting back on expenditures. Unfortunately there are many for whom cutting back means going without school for a year. The Philippines and other third world countries will be particularly hit hard as their economies and currencies remain volatile, remittances from family members overseas fall, and supporting industries like call centers cut back on staffing.

As usual, we will be documenting the distribution with video and photos, as well as stories about the experiences. This year we would like to thank our friends Beau and Amy and their three kids for bringing their experience from last year's trip to Port Barton. They will be joined by one of our directors, Kacey, and her family. Please use the box on the right to donate via credit card, or contact us with any questions you may have.